Lake Mburo national park is a very special place where every part of it is alive with variety and colour Located in the western region of Uganda, the park is an extensive area of wetland which do harbour several species of mammals and birds. With its well sculptured landscape, rolling hills and idyllic lake shores varied with mosaics of habitats, seasonal and permanent swamps, rich acacia woodland and gassy valleys that do support lots of life. The park boasts a huge number of migrant and habitual species of birds, and the five lakes within the park attract hippos, huge crocodiles The green acacia woodland surrounding the lake harbours dense populations of zebra, warthog, buffalo, impala and various other grazers, including the last surviving Ugandan population of eland, the largest of African antelope plains, the rusty coloured topi, which lways stand like a sentry ready to sound the alarm at any sign of approaching danger from camivores. 

Fringing swamps area perfect habitat for the rare and shy Sitatunga. The main activities in Lake Mburo National Park include; The game drives with in the rolling hills as well as the open grasslands, the boat cruise along the lake, the forest walks which is a bird lover’s dream with variety of colourful bird species like the endemic African finfoot, the rare shoebill, the papyrus yellow warbler, brown chested lapwing, carrother’s cisticola, Tabora cisticola, saddle billed stork. Other activities include; sport fishing, horseback riding and quad biking which is one of the most amazing experience ever with beautiful sights and sounds. 

There are available accommodation facilities like Mihingo lodge, Mantana tented camp, the Rwakobo Rock, Arcadia cottages and other comfortable facilities around Mburo is the closest park to Kampala along the masaka road which is about 4 hours and offers the perfect stopover for those travelling to or from western parks and reserves